Sunday, 2 August 2009

My craft room has seen some action!!!

Well I have managed to get an hour each day in my craft room and it's been great to take my mind of things.

I have been having a play with my promarker pens and I love them, they just are fantastic.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

More Harry Pics

Well as promised here are some more pics of our little man, these were all taken in July. We're off to get him weighed tomorrow as he is putting on weight as a great speed, he was 17lbs 1oz when he was 14 weeks and I think he will be out of his 3-6 month clothes in the next couple of weeks. Seems strange to think that he will only be 4 months or 17 weeks on Monday, can't remember life without him :o)

Sunday, 26 July 2009


After so long away from my blog I thought I would come back and start updating and getting back into my card making, as I really need something to take my mind off the last few months.

Anyone who has followed my blog might remember that I have mentioned my mum's battle with cancer over the last 12 years. When I got engaged 3 years ago her non-hodgkins lymphoma returned for a 3rd time and she started treatment again. They tried stem cell treatment just after I got married, but 18 months ago she was told that they couldn't get enough stem cells to make this an option. She was still having a 3 monthly treatment to try to keep the non-hodgkins at bay and this looked like it was working.

About a month after Harry was born mum started complaining of a pain in her legs and they started to swell slightly. After a couple of blood tests and her doctor ruling out a DVT, he suggested she went to her specialist at Christies to check it wasn't related to the non-hodgkins.

Although this was ruled out, she was referred to a bone marrow specialist and at the end of May we got the terrible news that she was now suffering from Acute myeloid leukemia. She entered Christies at the beginning of June to start 10 days of continual chemo, but unfortunately the treatment was not successful. She after contracting a chest infection near the beginning of her treatment that developed into pneumonia and she no longer had any immune system to fight it.

On Saturday 27th June she passed away at the age of 60 with my dad, brother and myself at her side. This was 2 days before my 2nd wedding anniversary and 12 weeks after Harry arrived, the grandchild she was so looking forward to having.

To say I am finding it hard to cope is an understatement, especially having my baby and not having my mum to turn to for advise, but I have started to get back into my craftroom and potter about. I'm finding it such a help just to lose myself for a short time in my hobby and my hubby has been great allowing me some time to craft.

I'm hoping to start being brave enough to start showing my cards again, I have lost all my confidence with them as it's been so long!! Hopefully I can catch back up with all the new products, as everything moves so fast, although I am already building up my promarker collection and have been lucky to get the Miss Anya and Rain, Snow Shine sets from Tracey at Dies to Die for.

Hopefully I might be brave tomorrow and also show off some more pics of my gorgeous little boy.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Introducing Harrison Jake Deeney

After making his mummy and daddy wait 12 days from his due date, Harrison Jake Deeney at last put in an appearance on Monday 6th April at 5.46 am weighing in at 8lb 9 ozs!!!!!

I won't give you the birth story as it was a bit of a nightmare, but after 2 weeks I was able to sit down again which was fantastic.

He is absolutely gorgeous and after 2 weeks of sleepless nights and worrying he might have colic, he is settling into a bit of a routine. I can't believe how much time they take up and struggle to sometimes eat lunch and no matter how quickly I shower he always seems to be crying by the time I get out.

I'm not sure that I will be seeing much of my craft room for quite a while (I hate to admit it but I have ended up buying my thank you notes!), I'm hoping that in the next few months I might get a bit of time to venture back in there!!

Anyway, here's a few pictures of our gorgeous little boy

Friday, 27 March 2009

Where has all the time gone!!!

Blimey I can't believe how long it is since I posted last, so much has happened in the last 3 months that I have hardly had time to do any crafting or the want to sit down and create. I've had a few messages asking how I was so I thought I better post incase you thought I'd dropped off the planet :o)

We have been decorating like mad to get the house sorted before baby and have done everythere apart from our bedroom, this meant that we had to move in with my parents for a few weeks whilst our new bathroom was fitted and all my craft stuff had to be packed away whilst I was relocated to the old dining room. Thankfully all of the things we have been storing in the old dining room whilst we decorated have gone and I have now got a new craft room, although it is still not quite finished. Only problem now is that my bump is so large that I am struggling to get too close to my desk and grab things from round the room!!!!

At the time of typing we are still waiting for our baby to arrive, I am now 3 days overdue and so frustrated. I'm getting asked all the time how I'm feeling and if anything is happening and there is nothing to tell. Just hoping that it's not much longer to waiting now as I'm getting too scared to leave the house on my own incase something happens!!!!

I have managed to make a few cards in the last few days and hopefully if I can get a few good pictures tomorrow (and our baby hasn't made an appearance) I will add them to my blog.