Friday, 1 May 2009

Introducing Harrison Jake Deeney

After making his mummy and daddy wait 12 days from his due date, Harrison Jake Deeney at last put in an appearance on Monday 6th April at 5.46 am weighing in at 8lb 9 ozs!!!!!

I won't give you the birth story as it was a bit of a nightmare, but after 2 weeks I was able to sit down again which was fantastic.

He is absolutely gorgeous and after 2 weeks of sleepless nights and worrying he might have colic, he is settling into a bit of a routine. I can't believe how much time they take up and struggle to sometimes eat lunch and no matter how quickly I shower he always seems to be crying by the time I get out.

I'm not sure that I will be seeing much of my craft room for quite a while (I hate to admit it but I have ended up buying my thank you notes!), I'm hoping that in the next few months I might get a bit of time to venture back in there!!

Anyway, here's a few pictures of our gorgeous little boy