Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Thank You and Secret Sister

Blimey I am hopeless at this blogging lark lately and my card making has been just the same lately, although I have had the urge tonight to get into my craft room!!!!

Everything is very hectic with me at the moment, now over 15 weeks pregnant and I have my second mid wife app tom! Hope to hear babies heart beat, as it seems ages since we had our scan. Work is still up in the air, but I am now a point of contact between both sales team, so my work load had gone mad, although whilst I'm doing this I know I'll have a job :o)

Anyway I just want to say thanks to Michelle at Card Grotto for the lovely card below, check out her blog as the picture on there is miles better.

Also, Michelle organised a Secret Sister swap and this is the lovely card that I received and the goodies. Can't wait to have a play, so huge hugs to my sista xx


Natalie said...

What lovely cards and great SS package. x

Michelle said...

You're welcome Tara, so glad that you got your goodies ok from your SS and what great goodies they are! x