Sunday, 14 October 2007

Magnolia Stamps

I am totally in love with these stamps, but as always I'm behind the time and have only got 1 :o( I keep looking on Silly Monkey, but the ones that I really want are already sold out on pre-order. Oh well, going to place an order for a couple anyway and keep fingers crossed that I can find the ones that I really love, the little girl in her dress are my favourite


Marlou said...

I love them too, and ordered the bride and groom one from silly monkeys, cant wait for it to arrive :)

Monty's Mum said...

Oh I have resisted but I know many who haven't! I hope that you find the one that you are after soon. All your cards for the Just Bex challenges are fab!

Michelle said...

I love them too! I bought some from Silly Monkey Crafts ages ages and am still waiting for them to arrive :0( I hope they come soon! I hope you manage to get some more soon too!