Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Cricut Expression - just ordered mine!!!!!!

Well I have gone and done it, I've bought the Cricut Expression. Still feel slightly sick as it's £310 and a lot of money, but hubby says that he is getting a new games console and this is just like getting one of them. Got it from Oyster Crafts for £310 and free P&P and they say that it will be with me at work tomorrow!!!!!

Don't think I will be able to sleep tonight :o)


Sharni & Clair said...

OOOOhhhh..You lucky thing! My DH has just got the PS3 for his birthday...do you think that justifies me buying a cricut??????


juliejules said...

WOW Tara, I have the smaller Cricut and I love it. Just have the George cartridge and New Arrival cartridge but hoping to get Paper DOll Dress up from USA, its released on 1st December!! Enjoy!!

Michelle said...

WOW! That's great news Tara, I hope you will enjoy using it, I am sure you will!! :0)

THE Flashy Flamingo said...

Hi, I am on the Sisterhood 6 with you and was just catching up with your blog. I had to comment here because great husbands must think alike! That is exactly what my husband said when I told him the cartridges for my new Cricket were going to be expensive. He said...."That's your game system and those are your video games! How is that any different than me buying games for mine?" Gotta love those good hubbies, huh?
Nice to "meet" ya!