Sunday, 16 March 2008

Lots of goodies

Look at the lovely goodies I have received from Nicola at My Paperworld, Michelle at Card Grotto and Natalie at Crafting Fun. Thank you ladies, I have recieved these over the last couple of days but both our computers have been out of action as hubby continues his battle with wireless through AOL!!!!

Can't wait to have a play with them all!


NattyK said...

What lovely goodies. I am glad you received the paper ok. x

Michelle said...

Lovely goodies! I especially like the look of that ribbon from Nicola! Gorgeous!! Sorry to hear about your computers, hope they are all sorted now or will be sorted out soon! x

My Paper World said...

I'm glad you got your goodies!
Looks like you recieved lots of lovely stuff from Michelle and Natty too! xx

Joani said...

Lucky you! How nice. Cant wait to see what you make with them.