Saturday, 26 April 2008

Thank you Natalie

Look at the lovely wallet card and images that Natalie from Crafting Fun sent to me, it's gorgeous. Really cheered me up as I'm a bit fed up with living in a tip and all the work we are having done. We've started painting the extension and the ceiling is now done and we have done a base coat on the wall, just another 2 coats on the walls tomorrow to look forward to!

Also I'm slightly miffed as we came home last night and someone has stolen our Wheelie Bin, can you believe it. Who would want a dirty, empty bin. Now we have to find out where you get a new one from.


NattyK said...

I can't believe someone has pinched your bin! If you ring the local council they should get you a new one. I am so glad the card and images arrived ok, thanks again for yours. x

Viv said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!
Natlaie's done you proud here Tara.
(Did I mention it's gorgeous)? Ha Ha.
Natalie's right. Get on to the council! Grrr, is nothing safe anymore. Viv xxx