Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Whipper Snapper & High Hopes Images

Some of you may have heard me mention we are having an extension and a new kitchen fitted and I am not on a stash diet until we have paid for it!!! Hopefully this should be by the end of May and then I can treat myself again (although hubby would argue this is a treat to have a lovely new kitchen). I have been admiring all the lovely new Whipper Snapper and High Hopes stamps that everyone has treated themselves too and I am very jealous. Would anyone be so kind as to stamp me a few in exchange for some of my stamps? I hate to ask, but May is so long away!!!

Also, I have hit 20000 hits, which I can't believe. I am going to do a blog candy tomorrow, was going to do it tonight but I can't get a good picture of the Magnolia stamp I am offering :o) I will add it in the morning when I can get some good light.

Anyway, the kitchen arrives tomorrow, I have been knocking our old cupboards off the walls and the tiles off. Rather enjoyed myself to be honest, I do like to make a mess


gina said...

I have not got any of those stamps (YET) otherwise I would of been pleased to swap, I am sure you will get lots of offers though, no one would like to see a fellow crafter without her fix till may, that would be too cruel :)
Gina x

maria's cards said...

Hi Tara, I would be happy to do an image swap with you. I do not have any high hopes but i do have quite a few Whipper snappers. You can email me your address on and i will post them out to you. Maria x

NattyK said...

Hi Tara

I have 4 high hopes stamps, I will post you some images, I don't have any whipper snappers as yet, but I have just ordered 4 from America, don't tell my other half.

Natalie x

Andrea said...

Hi Tara
I have 4 whippersnapper stamps, froggy gift, squeaky clean, watering daisies and umbrella and slicker. If you look on the site you'll see the ones I mean. I would be happy to stamp you as many as you like, stamped in either Stazon or brilliance pitch black.
Contact me on with your address

Andrea x

Michelle said...

Hey Tara,

I don't have that many but i wil get a few done for yout this weekend :0) x

Jo said...

Hi Tara, got some Whipper Snappers and have just (yesterday) put in an order with High Hopes for some of their stamps so contact me if you want some stamped.

Heidi said...

Hi Tara- I have a couple of each brand, email me and you can let me know if you have them, or need them. Heidi

Beth said...

Hi, I have one Whipper Snapper stamp, the 'Tangled Up' reindeer, I've made a card with it on my blog, let me know if you'd like some stamped! :)

Kelly Schelske said...

Hi Tara,
Just found your blog and this post. I do not have any whipper snapper stamps, but I do have lots of High Hopes and could stamp out some images for you no problem. If you like, just email me your address and I'll get it out to you next week...not sure exactly when because we have about 12 inches of snow right now, but at some point I'll venture out!!

Mindy said...

Nothing like a little demolition! Congratulations on your new kitchen. Will post pics when it's done?