Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Hans PIF

Big thank you to Hans who sent me a lovely PIF and I can't wait to have a play with the images

Now it's my turn, the first 3 people to leave me a comment will receive a little PIF from me :o) It's then your turn to sent some candy out to 3 people!

** Caroline, Tracy and Nikki, can you mail me your address to tarasdesigns@hotmail.co.uk and I will get your PIF in the post this week**


Pete said...

Hi Tara! I had to ask... what's a PIF? Glad to see your blog is doing so well, and the cards look great too! P&L x

Caroline said...

Hi Tara!
What's a PIF??!!
Does this count as a comment!!
Absolutely love your cards ... am new to card making and slowly becoming addicted but don't know anyone yet who's into it so have loads of questions I'd love to ask an experienced crafter like you! I'm kinda stalking your blog!

Tracy K said...

I haven't long found out what PIF stands for. Pass It Forward. It's a brilliant idea.
Hope to here from you soon Tara.
Told you I was a bit of a blog stalker.

Nikki said...

Probably missed it but not sure your first comment is a crafter so I will try!
Nikki x

Nikki said...

Yey thanks...I have emailed you.